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NieR: Automata OST - The Weight of the World

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

+ японская версия

Какая песня, а! Английская красивая, но японская вообще жесть по эмоциям.


Текст на японском - кандзи, ромадзи и вольный перевод на английский

Меня тошнит эмоциями, поэтому я оставлю это тут. Если кто-то из моей ленты когда-нибудь это библейское творение пройдёт, то можно восчитать.

Десять негритят-роботов...

Про песни в контексте концовок, символизм и всякое такое - СПОЙЛЕРЫ
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Final Fantasy XIII - Internal Struggle

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
У меня тут авралы, внезапности, мне нужна передышка, что ли. Даже художественные книги я отложила, изучая пока компьютерные (правда, напишу про это потом), потому что мозг отказывается вливаться в художественные коллизии незнакомых авторов и хочет глюкозы и добра.

Очень хочу выбраться на улицу с определенными людьми, но из-за непредвиденных обстоятельств мне теперь надо наверстать и успеть ВСЁ. Но я надеюсь успеть. И отдохнуть. И вообще.

И ещё внезапно вышла на проект, где переводят LR с японского на правильный английский, и есть возможность переводить это потом на русский, так что мне есть чем себя утешить в минуты отчаяния, лол.

Так вот, а пока тырю посты из тумбочки.

Про развитие персонажей и всё такое.

You know, at first I didn’t like Lightning, I thought she was just one of those characters where somehow they misconstrue “strong female character” with “asshole who punches guys a lot.” But the more they showed her internal struggle the more attached to her I became.

If Chapters 9-10’s story was about plot, chapters 1-8 story was about the characters, and how very, very badly people react to tragedy. Snow believed in delusions, Hope projected, Sazh gave up, Fang gave in, and Vanille ran away. Lightning chose to survive the only way she can.

“Think of it like a strategy- focus on your ultimate goal, shut out everything else, steel your mind, move on instinct. Let doubt take over and despair will cripple you.”

Rather than have everyone surround her despite her attitude, it tore the group apart and they would not reunite until she dealt with her personal baggage. I once said that Lightning’s reactions came solely on the fact that her entire life was devastated in the span of hours, but that’s not entirely true. Lightning’s callousness was present before Serah was taken away from her, but the l’cie curse amplified her faults. Because sometimes tragedy doesn’t suddenly inspire heroics or turn good men into villains, sometimes it takes that one flaw you have, and exasperate it, blow it out of proportion.

Lightning’s story wasn’t just about a tough girl who had a soft spot for kids, it was about how she found how destructive her attitude was, how it poisoned the relationships around her and was leading Hope down a bad path. Lightning wasn’t just a sister to Serah, the game, voice actor interviews and the datalog make it clear she was a mother and father to her. Lightning didn’t just lose a sister, she failed her daughter. And framing her relationship in that sense, Lightning’s anger and frustration at the world is easier to understand.

She needed to get stronger for Serah, but her view on strength was too immature and it ended up distancing herself from her sister. Serah came to her at her lowest point, scared for the future and looking for help but Lightning didn’t just ignore her, she called Serah a liar and threatened her. This is what haunts Lightning, she turned her back on the one person she loves and wants to protect. And even after what it did to someone who was practically her own daughter, she didn’t change.

I always felt the game was telling us that Lightning knew this; she knew being callous was wrong and knew that it broke more than it fixed. She could see that it was corrupting Hope. But she just couldn’t muster up the strength to change, this was the only way she could cope. It wouldn’t be until she thought about the relationship between fal’cie and humans did she decide to stop her mission. She realized it wasn’t strength or survival that was driving her, it was her pettiness. The loss of Serah, not just to fate but because of her own actions, her loss of control of her own life, losing her home, losing her future, and understanding that she only had a short time to live only made her more bitter, cold, and unsympathetic. And she changed that.

This is why the plot couldn’t start until Chapter 9, because had her fate been revealed any other time, Lightning wouldn’t have had the strength to take it on. She started from “This is my fate, what do I do now?” and had to get to the point where she said “They say this is my fate, why should I accept that?” She had to get to the point where she could try and keep on hoping, to unite the people around her, and push on even when characters like Hope and Snow faltered and also needed help. Lightning had completely changed through her journey, she started off bad, got worse, until she recognized that the first thing that needed to change was herself.

Lightning (and the rest of the characters) start off as the worst of their trope. She was always focused, intelligent, driven, and stubborn. But at her worst, her actions were violent, she drove people away, she was bitter about what happened to her, she was frustrated at her surroundings. But at her best, she supported her friends, she led the charge against fate, and never gave up against overwhelming odds. When fate was forced on her- she changed it, when her search on Pulse gave her no answers- she made her own, when the world was against her- she both destroyed and saved it, and when her own actions turned her sister away- it was her that apologized and embraced her.

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Final Fantasy XIII - Linear Story

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Мнение о линейности FFXIII и всех остальных Финалок (да, они все линейные; серьёзно, вообще все, лол).

Anonymous ASKED:
#i blame you linearity haters #congrats #you destroyed ff / god i'm so glad i'm not the only one that feels this way honestly

I still don’t understand people’s obsession with open worlds. I really don’t. You need linearity to build a good story. FF has always been about the story, and sorry to break it to you, ALL FF HAVE BEEN LINEAR. YES. ALL OF THEM. If all you want is to walk around all day, do fetch quests, and battle some monsters, go ahead and play an MMO, don’t play FF.

More rant under the cut.

I can’t even go to YouTube and watch XIII videos in peace because the haters are everywhere, EVERYWHERE, and all they write is: “this game sucks because it was so linear”, “I hope it wasn’t so linear”, “linear linear linear”, like, what do you mean by that?

Every FF has been linear, even KH is linear. The Last of Us? Linear. Tomb Raider? Linear. I could go on and on.

I understand that FFXIII was more “linear” in the sense that the corridors were smaller and you couldn’t revisit towns, but it all had its reasons. They were fckng fugitives running against the clock, did you expect them to visit towns and talk to the people there and go back to Bodhum where everybody wants me dead? XIII’s “extra linearity” was on purpose.

The other mayor critic to the game was that the story was too complicated. Yes it was, you really had to be on it all the time to understand it. FNC was so ambitious that it needed the datalogs and the novels, but even if you didn’t read those, I still think that the mayor plot could be easily understood if you payed close attention.

Listen, if you are lazy and don’t want to read, that makes you an idiot, it doesn’t make the game bad. (I’m going overboard now, I need to wrap this up quickly).

(I also think that XIII was meant to be a single game, but at some point they knew Versus wasn’t going to happen, so they had to tell Etro’s story another way, FNC is huge ok, I also think many elements from Versus were used on XIII 2, don’t tell me you didn’t see the similarities between Caius and Ardyn, so basically they had to change FFXV’s story because they already used so many elements, but that’s for another time).

So, in conclusion, XIII haters are everywhere, and Square Enix thinks that this is the general perception of their games here in the west. And surprise, they do listen to their fans.

So I feel that they wanted XV to be as far away as possible from XIII. So, it resulted in the open world and the simplistic story. And I’m not even going to talk about how they favored graphics over story (same thing that happened with 0.2). Please be honest and think to yourself, do I really need an open world? For what? Just to kill monsters and do fetch quests on a repetitive pattern of trees? Am I willing to sacrifice story for that? Am I really going to explore all of it?

The game would have been just as beautiful and fun even if you couldn’t go to that tree over there, believe me. The game wouldn’t have had all those engine problems if it was more linear and less content would have been cut. So please, stop wining and really think about what is it exactly what you don’t like about a game. If you didn’t like XIII because you couldn’t relate to the characters, or because the lore wasn’t interesting, I can understand that.

But if you don’t enjoy story and all you want to do is run around and kill things, please don’t play FF, simple as that.

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Final Fantasy XIII - SEN Role

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Крутой перепост с Тумблера, анализирующий способности героев и связь этих способностей с их личностью. И ещё один вдогонку.

This is something I’ve mentioned before on my main which I know some of you have seen, but I’m gonna piggyback off of this analysis and talk about Lightning as a Sentinel again because this particular role says a lot about her character.

Let’s first establish what SEN signifies for somebody that mains this role (I’m looking at you, Snow and Fang!). Primary SENs are protectors and guardians - to a fault. Snow and Fang are both willing to go extraordinary lengths to keep the people they care about safe, even if it means sacrificing themselves to do so. Self-sacrifice is, in fact, the trademark of a primary SEN. Watch how quickly Snow is willing to sacrifice himself and become a l’Cie if it means freeing Serah, or how quickly Fang does a face-heel turn if destroying Orphan means sparing Vanille and the other l’Cie a fate worse than death.

Lightning is not a primary SEN. It’s a role that can only be opened up to her very late in the game, after you’ve completed the main storyline. And when it does become available to her, the only guarding ability she can learn is Elude - a move, as @thispleasestormod noted, that grants 100% evasion against physical attacks (but not magic).

What does all of this mean? Lightning being only a secondary SEN is indicative of her steadfast nature. She is not the type of person to carelessly throw herself upon a blade for others. There may be times when her back is against the wall and she may reach for that as a last resort (i.e. trying to save Hope in Palumpolum), but her first instinct is always to find some way out and keep going. Keep surviving.

Lightning: Control your emotions. If you wanna survive, you forget about sympathy. Think of it like a strategy. Focus on your ultimate goal and shut out everything else. Still your mind. Move on instinct. Let doubt take over, and despair will cripple you.

Even when she believed she had lost everything, Lightning continued searching for a reason to survive. First it was Anima. Then she moved on to to target the fal’Cie Eden. Even started to adopt the identity of a feared Pulse l’Cie. Whatever it took to stay alive. Hope followed her example a little too faithfully, and his reflection was what helped her see that she had been wrong - not about trying to survive, but about the things that had been motivating them (Operation Nora). And this conversation ensued:

Hope: So what do we do now? We’re l’Cie. Ticking time bombs. Enemies of Cocoon. If we can’t follow the plan, do we just lay down and die?
Lightning: I didn’t mean we should give up.
Hope: Then what battles do we fight? And against who?
Lightning: I don’t know yet.
Hope: You don’t know yet?
Lightning: That’s right. I don’t know yet. But I do know that we can’t lose hope.

Lightning is a determinator and this is what sets her apart from primary SENs like Snow and Fang. She acts as a foil to their defeatist mentalities. And she’s always there to pull them back to their feet when they start to falter. If this weren’t enough evidence of Lightning’s steadfast nature (and it surely is, but I’m going to continue on anyway), then we’ve yet to talk about Elude.

Once again, a l’Cie’s abilities are often indicative of their given natures. And the compare and contrast here is pretty simple when you see that both Snow and Fang can learn all of a SEN’s guarding abilities except Elude, whereas Lightning can learn only Elude. And just look at what it’s called. Elude literally allows Lightning to avoid attacks to ensure her own survival while still guarding her teammates.

The point of this analysis? Aside from a general look into Lightning’s strengths, don’t let anyone - least of all Square Enix - convince you that Lightning’s innate flaw is in some willingness to let cold logic dictate her behavior and sacrifice herself for others at a whim. It simply isn’t true.

By the way, only one other character can learn Elude. It’s Hope.

Если бы я понимала соционику, я бы тут начала курить про ценности, но я не умею, поэтому вот.

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Флешмоб про персонажей

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

Мне фандом, а я в ответ вам. Можно в комментариях, можете утаскивать к себе. Ура, товарищи, даёшь больше годноты бесполезной.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Dragon Age

Final Fantasy XIII

Parasite Eve

Resident Evil

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Final Fantasy XIII Behind The Scenes

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Как делали модельки персонажей, как создаются сцены из игр. Сколько терпения на это надо!
Использованные инструменты: XSI SoftImage и куча плагинов к нему (пакет очень популярен в Японии). Говорят, работать там намного неудобнее, чем в 3D Max, но что-то у них с ним не заладилось из-за разработчика, вроде бы.

Другие ролики по данной теме.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII - Как записывается музыкальный трек


LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII - Inside the Square. Director;s Cut


А ещё вот тут обозревают игры серии. Спойлеры, спойлеры, спойлеры, даже в превью умудрились!

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Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Угорали в Твиттере, тащу сюда, чтобы не потерялось.

Блиц-игра про выборы.

Выбираем лучшего кандидата

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It's Time to Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad

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Статья-попытка разобраться, почему же столько хейтеров зациклились на своём хейтерстве (иногда даже не пройдя ни одной части).


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[graphic] Шутки в 2016

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И самый лучший комментарий на 9GAG: This offends me as a vegan transgender atheist who vapes and crossfits 4 times a week and im also a male feminist as I identify myself as a pastafarian apache helicopter dog mega multi combo god of hyper death and if you dont agree with me You're an ignorant arrogant globaphobic sexist lesbian.


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Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

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И на этом всё. Эпилог в игре закрывает последнюю страницу, и путешествие заканчивается. Когда-нибудь начнётся новое!

Глава 10. Эпилог

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Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Глава 4. Резерв

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Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Глава 3. Резерв

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Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Глава 2. Резерв

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Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Reminiscence ~Tracer of Memories~

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт
Новелла-постканон. Действие происходит после окончания третьей части XIII части (ыыы), но до эпилога. Источник.
Чтобы не потерялось.

Автор, правда, пока не перевёл вторую, третью и четвёртую главы, и сразу потопал с пятой по десятую.

Пролог. Глава 1

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Новелла Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-

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