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Автрп прекрасен как океанский прибой.

I've met someone months ago who's a frequent user/activist on Tumblr, the first thing she said to me was "Do you have a Tumblr?", then she went on telling me how she was raped and beaten up as a child by her teacher for two years, which I couldn't confirm since that's what she told my other friend right away after I introduced them so it sounded kinda cliché even if it's true.

She's tried to convince me how her country (Norway) is dominated by patriarchy and misogynists that she want to flee it cause it sucks and that she is a [ insert weird sexual orientation] that encourages people to get attracted to people based on who they are not their biological sex after a few weeks she confessed that she's straight and that the sexual orientation thing was just a confusion.

TL;DR : After I got to Reddit I realized that the life she's describing in her country was just her distorted view of reality being brain-washed by Tumblr blowhards.

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