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Крутой перепост с Тумблера, анализирующий способности героев и связь этих способностей с их личностью. И ещё один вдогонку.

This is something I’ve mentioned before on my main which I know some of you have seen, but I’m gonna piggyback off of this analysis and talk about Lightning as a Sentinel again because this particular role says a lot about her character.

Let’s first establish what SEN signifies for somebody that mains this role (I’m looking at you, Snow and Fang!). Primary SENs are protectors and guardians - to a fault. Snow and Fang are both willing to go extraordinary lengths to keep the people they care about safe, even if it means sacrificing themselves to do so. Self-sacrifice is, in fact, the trademark of a primary SEN. Watch how quickly Snow is willing to sacrifice himself and become a l’Cie if it means freeing Serah, or how quickly Fang does a face-heel turn if destroying Orphan means sparing Vanille and the other l’Cie a fate worse than death.

Lightning is not a primary SEN. It’s a role that can only be opened up to her very late in the game, after you’ve completed the main storyline. And when it does become available to her, the only guarding ability she can learn is Elude - a move, as @thispleasestormod noted, that grants 100% evasion against physical attacks (but not magic).

What does all of this mean? Lightning being only a secondary SEN is indicative of her steadfast nature. She is not the type of person to carelessly throw herself upon a blade for others. There may be times when her back is against the wall and she may reach for that as a last resort (i.e. trying to save Hope in Palumpolum), but her first instinct is always to find some way out and keep going. Keep surviving.

Lightning: Control your emotions. If you wanna survive, you forget about sympathy. Think of it like a strategy. Focus on your ultimate goal and shut out everything else. Still your mind. Move on instinct. Let doubt take over, and despair will cripple you.

Even when she believed she had lost everything, Lightning continued searching for a reason to survive. First it was Anima. Then she moved on to to target the fal’Cie Eden. Even started to adopt the identity of a feared Pulse l’Cie. Whatever it took to stay alive. Hope followed her example a little too faithfully, and his reflection was what helped her see that she had been wrong - not about trying to survive, but about the things that had been motivating them (Operation Nora). And this conversation ensued:

Hope: So what do we do now? We’re l’Cie. Ticking time bombs. Enemies of Cocoon. If we can’t follow the plan, do we just lay down and die?
Lightning: I didn’t mean we should give up.
Hope: Then what battles do we fight? And against who?
Lightning: I don’t know yet.
Hope: You don’t know yet?
Lightning: That’s right. I don’t know yet. But I do know that we can’t lose hope.

Lightning is a determinator and this is what sets her apart from primary SENs like Snow and Fang. She acts as a foil to their defeatist mentalities. And she’s always there to pull them back to their feet when they start to falter. If this weren’t enough evidence of Lightning’s steadfast nature (and it surely is, but I’m going to continue on anyway), then we’ve yet to talk about Elude.

Once again, a l’Cie’s abilities are often indicative of their given natures. And the compare and contrast here is pretty simple when you see that both Snow and Fang can learn all of a SEN’s guarding abilities except Elude, whereas Lightning can learn only Elude. And just look at what it’s called. Elude literally allows Lightning to avoid attacks to ensure her own survival while still guarding her teammates.

The point of this analysis? Aside from a general look into Lightning’s strengths, don’t let anyone - least of all Square Enix - convince you that Lightning’s innate flaw is in some willingness to let cold logic dictate her behavior and sacrifice herself for others at a whim. It simply isn’t true.

By the way, only one other character can learn Elude. It’s Hope.

Если бы я понимала соционику, я бы тут начала курить про ценности, но я не умею, поэтому вот.

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