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Мнение о линейности FFXIII и всех остальных Финалок (да, они все линейные; серьёзно, вообще все, лол).

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#i blame you linearity haters #congrats #you destroyed ff / god i'm so glad i'm not the only one that feels this way honestly

I still don’t understand people’s obsession with open worlds. I really don’t. You need linearity to build a good story. FF has always been about the story, and sorry to break it to you, ALL FF HAVE BEEN LINEAR. YES. ALL OF THEM. If all you want is to walk around all day, do fetch quests, and battle some monsters, go ahead and play an MMO, don’t play FF.

More rant under the cut.

I can’t even go to YouTube and watch XIII videos in peace because the haters are everywhere, EVERYWHERE, and all they write is: “this game sucks because it was so linear”, “I hope it wasn’t so linear”, “linear linear linear”, like, what do you mean by that?

Every FF has been linear, even KH is linear. The Last of Us? Linear. Tomb Raider? Linear. I could go on and on.

I understand that FFXIII was more “linear” in the sense that the corridors were smaller and you couldn’t revisit towns, but it all had its reasons. They were fckng fugitives running against the clock, did you expect them to visit towns and talk to the people there and go back to Bodhum where everybody wants me dead? XIII’s “extra linearity” was on purpose.

The other mayor critic to the game was that the story was too complicated. Yes it was, you really had to be on it all the time to understand it. FNC was so ambitious that it needed the datalogs and the novels, but even if you didn’t read those, I still think that the mayor plot could be easily understood if you payed close attention.

Listen, if you are lazy and don’t want to read, that makes you an idiot, it doesn’t make the game bad. (I’m going overboard now, I need to wrap this up quickly).

(I also think that XIII was meant to be a single game, but at some point they knew Versus wasn’t going to happen, so they had to tell Etro’s story another way, FNC is huge ok, I also think many elements from Versus were used on XIII 2, don’t tell me you didn’t see the similarities between Caius and Ardyn, so basically they had to change FFXV’s story because they already used so many elements, but that’s for another time).

So, in conclusion, XIII haters are everywhere, and Square Enix thinks that this is the general perception of their games here in the west. And surprise, they do listen to their fans.

So I feel that they wanted XV to be as far away as possible from XIII. So, it resulted in the open world and the simplistic story. And I’m not even going to talk about how they favored graphics over story (same thing that happened with 0.2). Please be honest and think to yourself, do I really need an open world? For what? Just to kill monsters and do fetch quests on a repetitive pattern of trees? Am I willing to sacrifice story for that? Am I really going to explore all of it?

The game would have been just as beautiful and fun even if you couldn’t go to that tree over there, believe me. The game wouldn’t have had all those engine problems if it was more linear and less content would have been cut. So please, stop wining and really think about what is it exactly what you don’t like about a game. If you didn’t like XIII because you couldn’t relate to the characters, or because the lore wasn’t interesting, I can understand that.

But if you don’t enjoy story and all you want to do is run around and kill things, please don’t play FF, simple as that.

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