Nier: Automata. Deserving of Life

Автор неизвестен, но глупость его живёт

История от Йоко Таро, оформленная в виде музыкального клипа.
И, пожалуй, более жуткого зрелища я давно не видела. И текст очень болезненный.
У этого товарища много что на боли и страдании завязано, и это такое чистилище для человеческих душ.

I met someone I liked, we unmistakably touched
Asphalt over dirt, skin over steel
If we instinctively choose warmth
instead of the cold

Then our dirt-covered faces are deserving of life
There are those who snarl that we’re overreaching but we’ll sing of their hypocrisy
If you need a reason to push forward
Be it anger, or something else it is deserving of life
For the sun to rise and dry my spilled tears
Patiently and tirelessly
I wait and wait I’ve continued reaching, since that day it all fell apart
For the morning I will be redeemed
It’s worth destroying the world for the warmth I seek
We could not be together
Loneliness with loneliness

What happened on those travels?
That habit of laughing away pain
There wouldn’t have been much to regret
If only we didn’t have a hearts I made a friend we shared ideals
We headed forward our strides were the same I’d even stomach betrayal
The nights we drank till dawn sprawled on the side of the road are deserving of life
We kept searching for something, to replace what we’d lost
Perhaps it’s not so, and loss is the solution

Hoping for the tables to turn, knowing that it’s not impossible
Even the footsteps that trailed off, should be called the journey
It was worth deceiving the world, for what we had
We couldn’t keep apart, loners who had found each other
What happened on those travels?
A look that said inflicting pain was to be expected
There wouldn’t have been much to regret If only we didn’t have hearts

To protect what I loved, I broke many things
So many wishes brought suddenly to an end
Walking across the broken pieces with bare feet, falling with my next step I’d accept death with that one step yet that is the one deserving of life

That loss, worth giving your heart for
But sadness can’t make a clean switch for joy
What happened on those travels?
The answer is what I am now
What happened on those travels?
Hope, we could have thrown it away so simply
If only we didn’t have hearts
Light and Darkness

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